Introducing FLX: The Importance of Physical Activity and what we're doing about it

May 29, 2020

Physical Activity is the cornerstone of good health.  Being physically active ensures that you retain cardiorespiratory fitness and that blood is pumped all around your body maintaining healthy function.  However, pain or poor musculoskeletal health can limit or prevent the amount of physical activity we can participate in.  On top of that modern life is generally very sedentary and machines do most of the work our bodies are designed to do.

In the modern period, a small fraction of our species lifetime, we live in an environment which is not conducive to the way we are designed to function.  As a species we have become robot-like with repetitive movements forced on us by our working environment and practices, even our physical activities like cycling, running and golf encourage potentially damaging repetitive movements.  In evolutionary terms these changes happened quickly leaving our bodies no time to adapt.  This inhibition of our intended function not only compromises our daily function, but also causes pain, and affects our sporting performance.  In particular if the spine and pelvis do not function as intended, we become more susceptible to injury.  The technical revolution has outpaced human evolution, with injuries and illness all too frequent, an aging population and spiralling healthcare costs there has never been a better time to address the problem.


Biomechanics studies how mechanical forces affect biological systems, and the consequent effects on the ability of an organism to move and interact in its environment.  Classically biomechanics looks at how the body moves through observation, we term this Extrinsic Biomechanics.  The limitation of this approach is that it merely observes the effect of biomechanical problems, rather than identifying their cause.  The aim of this study is to understand why the body moves as it does, to uncover for the first time the Intrinsic Biomechanics.


At FLX Health we have developed a digital product that helps maintain biomechanical fitness so that people can address body pain problems and reduce the risk of future issues and injury.  FLX is an mHealth product that maintains musculoskeletal health by detecting biomechanical problems and addressing them with physiotherapy exercises.  We have clinical data showing that it can reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal issues by up to 65% and can address low levels of body pain.  It is the first digital product proven to prevent biomechanical issues.


Musculoskeletal disease is one of the most prevalent health issues in the world and most solutions address the symptoms, not the problem.  With FLX we are providing a preventative tool to help people maintain health biomechanics to reduce the risk of future musculoskeletal disease.  We also help people to maintain good biomechanical function, which allows them to remain physically active which is the cornerstone of good health.


As a company we are look to provide health solutions without a bias for how things are done today.  We believe this makes our offerings quite disruptive.  When it comes to body pain and musculoskeletal disease pharmaceutical companies tend to turn to medicines, and health care professionals turn to their training.  We aim to provide solutions that give people alternatives, that hopefully keep them healthy so they don’t need to take medicines or interact with healthcare systems.  This is the holy grail, but often not the primary aim of pharmaceutical companies who make money from selling medicines, or highly trained well paid medics who wish to deploy their medical training.

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