Innovation 101

Innovation 101 is an interactive insight presentation on the topic of innovation. Targeted to business leaders, the half session discusses innovation, disruptive thinking and why it is important to think differently about your business if you are to stay ahead of the curve in a fast evolving business climate.

About the service

Our innovation 101 presentation is designed to give a light introduction into innovation and what it means for your business. We recognise that there is a lot of noise about the importance of innovation but often it’s not clear as to what it actually means. Terms like disruption, ideation, sprints, out-of-the-box thinking etc, can all seem quite fluffy without any substance.

This leadership presentation is designed to offer you clear insight into what these terms mean in a practical sense. The half day session covers key aspects of innovation, trends and innovation theory designed to provoke and inspire your team and your business.

We’ll give you real world examples of successful innovative approaches and show you what can happen when you don’t think differently about your business model. The session is designed to highlight why innovation is important and what you need in place to be best in class, and a leader in your sector.

Our presentations are interactive in that they involve contributions from your team, the attendees. This way we can relate the concept to your business and industry, providing you with valuable insight and ideas into how move forward and remain relevant within your own sector.

Ideally suited to company leaders and decision makers, the outcome of this session will provide you valuable insight to consider as part of your business strategy and commercial direction, as well as review how your business structure is set up, how you hire, how productive you are, and whether your product / service offering can be adapted or developed to disrupt the market. By the close of these session, this leadership presentation will have provided you with clarity, insight and ideas that you can immediately begin to apply to your commercial strategy.

Simplifies and clarifies the term innovation and what it means for business.

Provides tangible insight that can immediately be applied to your commercial strategy.

Interactive and inspiring for employees and company leaders to bring fresh ideas to the business.

Demonstrates real world disruptive innovation examples.

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